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Flea Treatment

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Flea Treatment at Enviro Pest Solutions

Ours is a family-owned company that has been servicing the entire region of Sydney for 20 years. Our pest control services are very cost effective and guaranteed. We can do the things at the right times and so you won’t worry about recurring issues with your pets and insects. All of our pest examiners are fully trained, licensed and trustworthy to conduct pest control services in Sydney.

Fleas are small insects and are dark brown in colour. They don’t have wings and are extremely small side to side, which allows them to move easily through the body hairs. The final set of legs helps them jump. They have numerous spines and hairs on their body, and their mouthparts are adapted for piercing the skin and sucking blood.

Enviro Pest is one of Sydney’s leading flea pest control companies. We are utilizing effective, safe, pet friendly and eco-friendly treatments when carrying out flea pest control services. 

Contact Enviro Pest Control company in Sydney to discuss and help you with any fleas issues.

Flea Treatment

Flea Control Treatment Services in Sydney

What makes fleas so possibly harmful is that they feed on blood. That means that if they bite an animal that is infected with a bloodborne disease, that can be transmitted to whomever or whatever else they bite.

A flea infestation is frustrating because once they get into your home they are very difficult to get rid of. So once you find fleas in your home, the first thing to do is to call a professional pest control company that knows how to get rid of fleas effectively.

We are providing a safe, children friendly, pet friendly, water based, odourless, UV light resistant flea control treatment for our clients in Sydney. 

Our flea control methods include the following.

  • We will conduct an internal blanket spray. In this method, all floor areas will be covered with chemicals. 
  • We will conduct an external blanket spray. In this method, all ground areas externally both tiled and grass areas will be covered with the chemical. 
  • Later the sub-floor area will be sprayed with chemicals. 

We can clean inside and outside of your home and make it flea free with our flea control treatment. 

Looking for professional pest control that specialises in flea treatment? Contact Enviro Pest Solutions today!

Choose Us for the Best Spider Flea Treatment Services Near You

Looking for high-quality ant control services in Sydney? Call Enviro Pest Solutions today!

  • 100% Pest control will be guaranteed with our flea control services. 
  • 100% Customer satisfaction because we are not happy unless you are!
  • 100% money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with our services.
  • We specialize in removal and prevention of fleas from both residential as well as commercial areas in Sydney. 

Fortunately, Enviro Pest Solutions offers high-quality flea treatments in your home or business. We can help you get rid of fleas in your home to avoid harming your family. We service Sydney areas such as Hornsby, Ermington, Marrickville, Mosman and North Sydney council service areas.

Benefits of our Flea Control Services

Having trouble with fleas in your home? Contact Enviro Pest Solutions today!

  • Ours is completely odourless, safe for elders, children and kids, and it is hassle free. 
  • If you have a busy schedule with your office related or house related work, don’t worry about emptying your kitchen. We can manage from our side. 
  • We are providing a long lasting and highly efficient treatment for the residents. 
  •  All our workers are well trained, trustworthy and efficient to perform every task on time.
  • Fast & affordable guaranteed service

If you are looking for flea treatment in Sydney, call a professional at Enviro Pest Solutions for help. Contact us today on 0418 467 533

Or Alternatively, you can mail us on

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